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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the English test required?

Yes, but you can request a waiver for your English test. A waiver may be granted for reasons such as:

  • English is your native language
  • Your master program was entirely taught in English and you wrote your Master thesis in English
  • You lived in an English speaking country for a long time 

There is no restriction in the score result.

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Is the GRE test required?

Yes. Submitting a good GRE score considerably improves your chances at being admitted. The GRE score makes it easier to compare candidates from an objective point of view. It allows us to evaluate your analytical skills.

There is no restriction in the score result.

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Is there an entrance test?

No. There is no entrance test. VGSE evaluates applicants based on their application package.

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Is there an application fee?

No. There is no application fee.

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Are documents accepted in an other language than English?

Yes. We accept application documents like certificates and recommendation letters in English and German. Please note that your motivation letter and research proposal have to be written in English.

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I did not finish my MSc. Can I apply?

Yes. If you will have finished your master studies before the program starts this is not a problem. Many apply in January, finish their studies in June and start in October.

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I will not have all the required documents by the application deadline. Can I apply?

Yes. Depending on which documents are missing and when you will be able to submit them. Please get into contact with the coordinator and let her know about it. Please also indicate this in one of the remarks fields on the application form.

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How many students are accepted each year?

VGSE is financed by a research grant of the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF). This allows us to employ a certain number of students and pay them a fellowship out of this research grant. We admit around 6 students per academic year.

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How many recommendation letters are required?

At least two. Most applicants have two or three recommendation letters sent to us. Please note that recommendation letters should be sent by the recommenders directly to VGSE by email. 

For questions please first consult the FAQs and application timeline, or contact Ms Christine Neumeyer at application@vgse.at.

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