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Job Market Candidates 2015

Pavol Majher

Job market paper: "Firm entry and exit, investment irreversibility, and business cycle dynamics"

References: Monika Merz, Michael Reiter, Christian Bayer

Primary research area: Macroeconomics
Secondary research area: Labor Economics, Firm Dynamics, Computational Economics

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Placement Director: Maarten Janssen


Jun Honda

Placement: Goethe University Frankfurt, Chair of Finance and Economics

Job market paper: "The Double Diamond Paradox"
Supervisors: Maarten Janssen, Karl Schlag, Josef Hofbauer


Christopher Nell

Placement: IDS Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK

Dissertation: "Essays on Charitable Giving"
Supervisors: Wieland Müller, Robert Kunst


Bernd Funovits

Job market paper: "Implications of stochastic singularity in linear multivariate rational expectations models"

References: Manfred Deistler, Benedikt M. Pötscher, Thomas A. Lubik, Frank Schorfheide

Research interests: Multivariate time series analysis (especially identifiability issues and factor models) and its applications to economic theory

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Julian Kolm: WU

Placement: Vienna University of Economics and Business, Department of Finance

Job market paper: "Securitization, Shadow Banking, and Bank Regulation"
Supervisors: Maarten Janssen, Gyöngyi Lóránth

Primary research area: Banking and Bank Regulation
Secondary research area: Corporate Governance, Bargaining, Learning


Martin Obradovits: Goethe University Frankfurt

Placement: Goethe University Frankfurt, Chair of Finance and Economics

Job market paper: "Austrian-Style Gasoline Price Regulation: How It May Backfire"
Supervisors: Maarten Janssen, Franz Wirl

Primary research area: Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomic Theory
Secondary research area: Energy Economics, Economics of Regulation, Law and Economics


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