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Guest Professors in the academic year 2016

Each academic year the VGSE invites guest professors to hold an intensive course of approximately two weeks. Information about themselves and their lectures is provided below.

Paul Mizen (University of Nottingham)

Paul Mizen is a professor at the University of Nottingham, he is the first OeNB visiting professor at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics. He is a leading expert in monetary policy and his research interests span monetary economics, corporate finance and central banking. Professor Mizen has taught at numerous institutions, including the European University Institute in Florence and Princeton University. He has been a visiting scholar to the U.S. Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, among other institutions. Professor Mizen will be visiting Vienna during May 2016 to discuss with staff at the OeNB, to give public lectures, and to teach an intensive PhD course on “Challenges in the Implementation of Monetary Policy after the Financial Crises”.

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Yuya Takahashi (Johns Hopkins University)

Yuya Takahashi is an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins University. He received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010 and worked at the University of Mannheim. His research area lies in Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics and Labor Economics. He will visit the VGSE from May 30 until June 10 and will hold an intensive course for PhD students on “Numerical and Empirical Methods in Applied Microeconomics”.

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Overview of all Guest Professors

Guest Professor



Anton Korinek  Johns Hopkins University  Imperfect Capital Markets in Macroeconomics and International Finance
Jacob Goeree  University of Zürich  Auctions and Mechanism Design, April 2015
Dirk Krüger  University of Pennsylvania  Macroeconomics with Household Heterogeneity
Dov Samet  Tel Aviv University
 Foundations of differential information in economics and game theory
Taisuke Otsu  London School of Economics  Topics in Microeconometrics
Thomas Lubik

 Federal Reserve Bank of

 Empirical Macroeconomics: Models and Methods
Marcus Hagedorn

 Institute for Advanced Studies

 Macro-labor Economics
Clemens Puppe

 Karlsruhe Institute for
 Welfare Economics and Incentives
Shakeeb Khan  Duke University  Topics in Microeconometrics
Dale Mortensen  Northwestern University  Search and Matching Models of the Labor Market Allocation
Ingmar Prucha  Maryland  Topics in Microeconometrics
Yossef Spiegel  Tel Aviv University  Antitrust
John Hassler  Stockholm University  Public Finance
Ronald Harstad   University of Missouri - Columbia  Auction Theory / Auctions and Experiments

Previous Guest Professors

Anton Korinek (Johns Hopkins University)

Anton Korinek is Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins University. He received his PhD from Columbia University in 2007 and worked at the University of Maryland. His area of expertise is international finance and macroeconomics. His research area lies in capital controls and macro-prudential regulation as policy instruments to reduce the risk of future financial crises. He investigates the global spillover effects of such policy measures as well as their implications for income inequality. He will visit the VGSE from 14.12. to 23.12. and hold an intensive course for PhD students on "Imperfect Capital Markets in Macroeconomics and International Finance".

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Jacob Goeree (University of Zürich)

Jacob Goeree is the head of the ESEI center for Market Design at the University of Zurich and President of the Economic Science Association. His research interests lie in mechanism design (including practical auction and market design, political science, social networks and social learning, bounded rationality) and in experimental economics. In April 2015 he held the course "Auctions and Mechanism Design" which created great interest. 

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Taisuke Otsu (London School of Economics)

Taisuke Otsu from LSE (London School of Economics) helds his lecture on topics in Microeconometrics in October 2013 at the new building of the faculty at Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna. Prior to his position at LSE he was an associate professor at Cowles Foundation and Department of Economics at Yale University. His research interest lie in Empirical likelihood, Nonparametric and seminparametric methods, and Microeconometrics.

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Marcus Hagedorn (IHS)

Marcus Hagedorn, currently a visiting professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies, also teaches a guest lecture at VGSE. His course on Macro-labor economics takes place on selected dates in March and April.

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Shakeeb Khan (Duke University)

Shakeeb Khan is a professor in mathematical economics, statistics, and applied econometrics at Duke University. He specializes in mathematical and quantitative methods and statistics. He held a lecture on Microeconometrics in October 2012.

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Clemens Puppe (KIT)

Clemens Puppe visited VGSE for two weeks in December 2012 as a guest professor and gave a lecture on "Welfare Economics and Incentives". Clemens Puppe holds the Chair of Economic Theory at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology. He specializes in microeconomic theory, in particular decision theory and social choice theory.

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Ingmar Prucha (Maryland)

VGSE was glad to have Ingmar Prucha from the University of Maryland as a guest professor. He was teaching a course on "Topics in Microeconometrics" in January 2012.

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Ronald Harstad (University of Missouri - Columbia)

In 2011 VGSE welcomed Ronald Harstad from the University of Missouri - Columbia as their first guest professor. He held the two interesting lectures "Auction theory" and "Auctions and Experiments" as well as a presentation on his paper "Political economy field experiments become possible" in the Micro Research Seminar.

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Dirk Krüger (Univ. Pennsylvania)

Dirk Krüger is Professor in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. His research focus lies in the field of macroeconomics on risk that affects households. He held an insiring course on "Macroeconomics with Household Heterogeneity" in June 2014 at the VGSE. 

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Dov Samet (Tel Aviv University)

Dov Samet is the incumbent of the Louise Lea Flack Chair in Game Theory and Interactive Decisions at The Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration at Tel Aviv University. He visited VGSE in November/December 2013, and held a two week lecture on "Foundations of differential information in economics and game theory". In addition, he presented his research in the Micro Research Seminar on 4.12., at VGSE and in the Vienna Joint Economics Seminar on 5.12., at the IHS. 

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Thomas Lubik (Fed Richmond)

Thomas Lubik is group vice president for macroeconomics and financial economics in the Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. His research interests focus on Monetary Policy, Search and Matching, Indeterminacy, Open Economy Macroeconomics, and Bayesian Estimation. He gave a lecture on "Empirical Macroeconomics: Models and Methods" in May 2013.

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Dale Mortensen (Northwestern University)

The Department of Economics at the University of Vienna welcomed 2010 Nobel Prize winner Dale Mortensen in October 2012. He held a two week intensive course on "Search and Matching Models of the Labor Market Allocation"!

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Foto by Lars Kruse

Yossef Spiegel (Tel Aviv University)

VGSE was glad to host Yossef Spiegel from Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration in Tel Aviv. He held an interesting guest lecture on "Antitrust" for two weeks in June 2012.

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John Hassler (Stockholm University)

John Hassler from Stockholm University held an inspiring lecture on "Public Finance" during his visit as a guest professor at VGSE beginning of June 2012. During the welcome dinner with students of his class new research ideas were discussed and the personal network enlarged.

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