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Macro Research Seminar

This Macro Breakfast takes place on Tuesday from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. Breakfast is served before the start of the presentation. Come early, take your coffee and network with the Vienna research community in your field.

Location: PhD Seminarroom 3.307, 3rd floor, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna
Organizer: Michael Reiter

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Summer Semester 2016

Macroeconomics courseMerz
Research seminar in Macroeconomics / Schedule Reiter, Speakers
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Winter Semester 2015/16

06.10.2015Michael ReiterIHSParticipation Matters for the Business Cycle
13.10.2015Luis CataoIWFTest-Benching Current Account Models
20.10.2015Iacopo MorchioUni ViennaEarly Skills Formation and Parental Choices 
27.10.2015Flora LutzVGSEEstimating monetary policy rules at near zero interest rates using real time data
03.11.2015Tamas PappIHSDeterminants of couples' time allocation: a model, estimation methodology, and preliminary results for singles
10.11.2015Matthias MolnarIHSSpillover effects and fiscal policy coordination
17.11.2015Yordan MahmudievVGSEThe interest rate channel in a high savings environment: the case of China
24.11.2015Philipp HergovichVGSEHousing and the Redistributive Effects of Monetary Policy 
01.12.2015Hendre GarbersVGSEA model of sterilized foreign exchange intervention and capital controls
15.12.2015Anton KorinekJohns Hopkins UniversityRisk-Taking Dynamics and Financial Stability
12.01.2016Zuzana MolnarovaVGSESticky wages and workers' effort over the business cycles
19.01.2016Martin Kerndler VGSEEmployment and wage patterns of older workers in Germany ‒evidence from linked employer-employee data
26.01.2016Leopold Zessner-SpitzenbergVGSEBank leverage and anticipated runs
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Summer Semester 2015

03.03.2015Tamas PappIHS"Replicating labor market flows"
10.03.2015Gerhard SorgerUniversity of Vienna"On a class of spatial growth models"
17.03.2015Martin KerndlerVGSE"Inefficient layoffs of senior workers in a two period model of the
labor market"
24.03.2015Milica NikolicVGSE"International Coordination of Reserve Accumulation"
21.04.2015Hendre GarbersVGSE"The interaction between capital controls and sterilized foreign
exchange intervention"
28.04.2015Pavol MajherVGSE"Report on recent Events in the Eurozone followed by a discussion round"
05.05.2015Alejandro CunatUniversity of Vienna"Business Cycle Correlations and Production Structures"
12.05.2015Philipp HergovichVGSE"Job separations: facts, figures and some theory"
19.05.2015Yordan MahmudievVGSE"Monetary Policy in a High Savings Environment: The Case of China"
09.06.2015Makram KhalilVGSE"Cross-Border Financial Risk Taking under Trade Linkages"
16.06.2015Gerhard SorgerUniversity of Vienna"Cycles and chaos in the one-sector growth model with elastic labor supply"
23.06.2015Katrin RabitschWU"Borrower heterogeneity within the mortgage-lending market and macroprudential policy"
30.06.2015Michael ReiterIHS"Asset Price Fluctuations in OLG Economies with Large Shocks"
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Winter Semester 2014/15

07.10.2014Michael ReiterIHS"Saving for retirement: interest rate risk and intergenerational redistribution"
14.10.2014Miguel Sanchez-RomeroOEAW"Education, life-time Labor supply, and mortality improvements"
28.10.2014Katrin RabitschUniversity of Vienna"Investor borrowing heterogeneity in a Kiyotaki-Moore style macro model"
04.11.2014Luis CataoIMF"Default premia"
11.11.2014Paul PichlerUniversity of Vienna / OeNB
18.11.2014Francesco LanciaUniversity of Vienna"Public Education and Pensions in Democracy: A Political Economy Theory"
25.11.2014Martin KerndlerVGSE"Modeling inefficient layoffs of older workers"
02.12.2014Heiko RachingerUniversity of Vienna"Entrepreneurship, Labor Market Rigidities, and Venture Capital"
(with Ming-jin Jiang)
09.12.2014Pavol MajherVGSE"Firm entry and exit, investment irreversibility, and business cycle dynamics"
16.12.2014Makram KhalilVGSE"International Risk Taking under Export Exposure"
13.01.2015Zuzana MolnarovaVGSE"Working hard to recover: unemployment and workers’ effort"
20.01.2015Hendre GarbersVGSE"Foreign Exchange Intervention"
27.01.2015Philipp HergovichVGSE"Housing and the Redistributive Effects of Monetary Policy"
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Summer Semester 2014

04.03.Monika MerzUniversity of ViennaFirm Dynamics, Interrelated Factor Demand, and Business Cycles
(Joint with Michael Reiter)
11.03.Luis CataoIMFWorld Food Prices, the Terms of Trade-Real Exchange Rate Nexus,
and Monetary Policy
18.03.Yordan MahmudievVGSEDynamic Monetary-Fiscal Interactions in a Monetary Union
25.03.Christian SchoderWUThe macroeconomic effects of the European Monetary Union's fiscal consolidation from 2011 to 2013: A quantitative assessment
08.04.Pedro BomUniversity of ViennaFiscal policy rules and the intergenerational welfare effects of public infrastructure
29.04.Francesco LanciaUniversity of ViennaPartisan Politics, Public Debt, and Growth
06.05.Milica NikolicVGSEInternational Coordination of Reserve Accumulation
13.05.Zuzana MonárováVGSEIt's not all exogenous: Explaining aggregate productivity
20.05.Martin KerndlerVGSEAsymmetric Information and inefficient layoffs of older employees
– A workhorse model
27.05.Ali SenVGSEEconomic Growth, Leviathan, and Violence
03.06.Markus KnellOeNBSustainable PAYG pension systems in the presence of demographic fluctuations. A workable proposal
17.06.Makram KhalilVGSEGlobal Oil Prices, Recessions and Monetary Policy: the Role of Nontradeables
04.06.Harald FadingerUniversity of ViennaProductivity, Networks and Input-Output Structure
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Winter Semester 2013/14

08.10.Felix Wellschmied Uni BonnSavings Behavior and Means-Tested Programs
22.10.Martin KerndlerVGSEThe twin hypothesis of education and retirement
29.10.Michael ReiterIHSMatch surplus, labor market fluctuations etc.
05.11.Tamas PappIHSReverse-engineering labor market flows
19.11.Milica NikolicVGSEPublic Debt and Economic Growth in Endogenous Growth Models
26.11.Karin MayrUniversity of ViennaReturn Migration and Illegal Immigration Control
03.12.Robert ZymekUniversity of EdinbourgTrade Theory and Trade Growth Since 1870
10.12.Zuzana MolnarovaVGSEProductivity and Input-Output Linkages
17.12.Ali SenVGSERamsey's Conjecture in Lucas' Human Capital Model
07.01.Pavol MajherVGSESector-specific firm dynamics and capital intensity with irreversible investment
21.01.Luca MerlinoUniversity of ViennaGender Differences in Sorting, joint with P. Parrotta and D. Pozzoli
28.01.Makram KhalilVGSEMonetary Policy Tradeoff in a Two-Sector Economy with Global
Endogenous Oil Prices
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Summer Semester 2013

12.03.Alejandro Cunat
Harald Fadinger
UWOffshoring with Heterogeneous Firms
19.03.Michael ReiterIHSThe Redistributive Effects of Monetary Policy
16.04.Gerhard SorgerUWOn Ramsey's conjecture
30.04.Zuzana MolnarovaVGSELabor Productivity and Industry Linkages
14.05.Makram KhalilVGSEMonetary Policy Tradeoff in a Two-Sector Economy with Global
Endogenous Oil Prices
28.05.Paul PichlerOeNBCollateral, Liquidity and Debt Sustainability
11.06.Pavol MajherVGSESector-specifi​c firm dynamics and technology requirements
19.06.Harald FadingerUWBubbles With Enduring Effects
25.06.Yordan MahmudievVGSESavings Behavior and Means-Tested Programs
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Winter Semester 2012/13

09.10.Gerhard SorgerUniversity of ViennaOn the dynamics of government debt in an endogenous growth model
23.10.Monika MerzUniversity of ViennaAggregation and aggregate labor supply
06.11.Makram KhalilVGSE

Monetary Policy Response to Commodity Price Movements:
An Application of Markov-Switching VAR

20.11.Katrin Rabitsch WUInternational Portfolios: A Comparison of Solution Methods
04.12.Zuzana MolnárováVGSE

Cyclicality of labor productivity across industries

18.12.Christian HaefkeIHSWho are the unemployed? The surplus from having a job
15.01.Pavol MajherVGSESectoral differences in firm dynamics
22.01.Yordan MahmudievVGSE Dynamic Monetary-Fiscal Interactions in a Monetary Union
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Summer Semester 2012

Date Presenter Organization  Title
13.03. Larry S. Karp University of California, Berkeley Provision of a public good with altruistic overlapping
generations and many tribes
27.03. Markus Knell OeNB Increasing Life Expectancy and Pay-As-You-Go Pension Systems
17.04. Tamas Papp IHS
08.05. Yordan Mahmudiev
Pavol Majher

Dynamic Monetary-Fiscal Interactions in a Monetary Union
Sectoral differences in firm dynamics and job flows

22.05. Alejandro Cunat University of Vienna
05.06. Michael Reiter IHS

On Aggregate Labor Supply

19.06. Karin Mayr University of Vienna Do more ethnically diverse firms pay higher wages?
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Winter Semester 2011/12

Date Presenter Organization Title
04.10. Christian Haefke IHS Wage Dynamics of Newly Hired Workers
18.10. Pedro Bom University of Vienna Public infrastructure investment, output dynamics,
and balanced budget fiscal rules
08.11. Tamás Papp IHS

Accounting for the Cyclical Volatility of Wages

22.11. Michael Reiter IHS Aggregate Labor Supply Elasticity
06.12. Francesco Lancia University of Vienna A Dynamic Politico-Economic Model of Intergenerational Contracts
20.12. Paul Pichler OENB Public liquidity, fiscal policy and debt sustainability
10.01. Pavol Majher VGSE Growth model with pollution accumulation and differentiated abatement
24.01. Yordan Mahmudiev VGSE

Monetary-Fiscal Policy Interactions without Commitment
in Interdependent Economies

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Summer Semester 2011 and earlier

Date Presenter Organization  Title
21.06. Liam Graham UCL Learning, information and heterogeneity
07.06. Alejandro Cuñat University of Vienna A many-country model of industrialization
Authors: Holger Breinlich and Alejandro Cuñat
24.05. Antonio Parlavecchio VGSE Asset pricing and labor relations
10.05 Michael Reiter IHS Welfare costs of unemployment fluctuations

Markus Knell 

OeNB Efficiency wages in DSGE models
22.03. Almuth Balleer IIES, Stockholm Expansionary and contractionary technology shocks
15.03. Alisdair McKay Boston University Rational Inattention to discrete choices: A new foundation for the multinomial logit model
15.01. Romain Ranciere Paris School of Economics Inequality, leverage and crises
14.12. Stefan Niemann Essex
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