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Research Seminars

... transform course work into research

A difficult phase for many PhD students is the transition from doing course work to being an active contributor to the scientific community.

Supervising students during their first steps towards becoming independent researchers is very important.

The dialogue and active communication among students and between students and faculty helps to learn from each other and to receive early stage feedback.

For these reasons, VGSE organizes a research seminar in microeconomics and macroeconomics that takes place every semester. Depending on their research interests, students choose to participate in one or two research seminars. Each seminar takes place on a weekly basis and students, faculty, and guests present and discuss their research work in progress.

The seminar is part of the teaching schedule. All professors (not only the supervisors) and all students in the area of their research area are present.

Students listen to the presentations of fellow students and follow the progress in their research. The familiarity with the work of fellow students makes it possible to intensively interact outside the seminars and help each other.

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