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Micro Research Seminar

This Brown Bag Seminar takes place on Wednesday from 13:15 to 14:30. Sandwiches are served at 13:00 before the start of the presentation. Come early, take your sandwich and network with the Vienna research community in your field.

Location: VGSE Seminarroom 3.307, 3rd floor, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna
Organizer: Karl Schlag

Micro Research Seminar Calendar

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Summer Semester 2014

05.03.Sandro SheleghiaUniversity of ViennaA Generalised Model of Sales with New Insights and Applications
19.03.Veronika LoitzenbauerUniversity of ViennaAd Exchange: Envy-free auctions with mediators
26.03.Jun HondaVGSEVertical separation and a relation between competition and cost-
reducing investment
02.04.Carmen HerreroUniversidad de AlicanteAn Endogeneous scoring rule
09.04.Karl SchlagUniversity of ViennaBeating the Bayesian
30.04.Mariya TeteryatnikovaUniversity of ViennaProductivity, Networks and Input-Output Structure
07.05.Melis KartalUniversity of ViennaGradualism in Repeated Games: An Experimental Study
14.05.Bernhard KasbergerVGSEDemand expansion and demand reduction in the Combinatorial Clock Auction
21.05.Joshua ShermanUniversity of ViennaHaggling in Vienna
28.05.Franz OstrizekIHSMaking Agents Aware of their Choice Set: A Comparison of Monopoly
and Competition
04.06.Fernando QuevedoVGSEPeer Effect on Prospect Theory
11.06.Josue OrtegaIHSThe Discrete Vickrey Auction and the Role of Ties
18.06.Owen PowellUniversity of ViennaBubbles, experience and trader success  
25.06.Eryk KrysowskiVGSEWhy does discrimination discourage employees?
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Winter Semester 2013/14

02.10.Wieland MüllerUniversity of ViennaWho is (more) rational?
Shmuel Nitzan
Bar-Ilan UniversityDiscrimination in Contests
23.10.Yannick ViossatParis-Dauphine Links between game dynamics
30.10.Martin ObradovitsVGSEAsymmetric Pricing Caused by Collusion
06.11.Anton SobolevVGSE

Non-Reservation Price Equilibria and Search Without Priors

13.11.Mariya TeteryatnikovaUniversity of Vienna
Competition and Disclosure of Comparative or Non-comparative
Horizontal Product Information
20.11.Daniel GarciaUniversity of Vienna
Consumer Search with Observational Learning
27.11.Michael GreineckerUniversity of Innsbruck
Typology of beliefs with many players
Dov Samet
Tel Aviv UniversityConditional Beliefs
11.12.Alexander RabasUniversity of ViennaA Comprehensive Comparison of MPL Risk Elicitation Methods
18.12.Matan TsurUniversity of ViennaSecurity Design and Bargaining
08.01.Sabyasachi DasVGSEA Model of Search with Product Certification
15.01.Christopher NellVGSEMeasuring the efficiency of charities
22.01.Ion MiscisinVGSEMerger Simulations in the Telecommunication Industry
29.01.Fernando QuevendoVGSEQRE: Beliefs for free
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Summer Semester 2013

06.03.Klaus RitzbergerIHSCharacterizing Existence of Equilibrium for Large Extensive Form Games
13.03.Luca MerlinoUWStrategic Interactions on Endogenous Networks with Heterogenous Players
20.03.Stephane LuchiniQRECAM MarseilleExperimental Redistributive Justice: Disentangling Fairness Views and Selfishness
10.04.Daniel GarciaUWOn Commitment in Finitely Repeated Games
24.04.Miriam TeschlUWTheory of Choice Under Internal Conflict
22.05.Joshua ShermanUWBargaining as Price Discrimination
29.05.Joachim Hubmer IHSSelf-Enforcing Climate Change Treaties: A Game Theoretic Approach
05.06.Fernando QuevedoVGSE
12.06.Bernhard KasbergerIHSThe Strategic Equivalence of Extensive Form Games Revisited
19.06.Ion Miscisin VGSECompetition in the EU wireless telecom industry
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Winter Semester 2012/13

03.10.Sandro ShelegiaUni WienSignaling Quality with New products
10.10.Melis KartalUni WienBuilding Trust in Relational Contracting
17.10.Martin ObradovitsVGSERegulated Gasoline Prices and Consumer Search
24.10.Karin MayrUni WienWorkforce composition by birthplace and wages
31.10.Daniel GarciaUni WienHorizontal Differentiation, Information Provision and Competition
07.11.Julian KolmVGSESeciritization, Shadow Banking, and Banking Regulation
14.11.cancelledcancelledCancelled due to workshops by Guilherme Carmona and Dov Samet
21.11.Christian RösslerUni WienThe roman metro problem - an update
28.11.Klaus RitzbergerVGSE/IHSOrder-Driven Markets and almost cometitive and aggregate
05.12.Ming JiangUni WienPersonal bankruptcy law and small firms productivity
12.12.Maarten JanssenVGSE/Uni WienGaming in combinatorial clock auctions
09.01.Fernando QuevedoVGSEFeedback & Learning
16.01.Sabyasachi DasVGSECompetition and Certification in Markets for Credence Goods
23.01.Christopher NellVGSETax Evasion and Charitable Giving
30.01.Jun HondaVGSEAn evolution of collaborations in R&D networks
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Summer Semester 2012

Date Presenter Organization Title
07.03. Christian Rössler University of Vienna The Roman Metro Problem (paper jointly with Sandro Shelegia)
14.03. Martin Summer OENB Leverage and Asset Pricing in General Equilibrium and in Double
Auctions (paper jointly with Thomas Breuer and Hans-Joachim
21.03. Anna Gunnthorsdottir WU Coordination of Complex Asymmetric Equilibria in an Endogenous
Grouping Mechanism: Theory and Experiment
28.03. Joshua Sherman University of Vienna Competition and Price Dispersion in Jerusalem´s Mahane Yehuda
18.04. Fernando Quevedo VGSE Imitation and Memory in the Lab: From the Collusive to the Walrasian Outcome
25.04. Sabyasachi Das VGSE Price Signaling and Eco-labelling
02.05. Ion Miscisin VGSE Mergers in the EU Telekom Industry
09.05. Maarten Janssen University of Vienna Non-reservation price equilibria
16.05. Egbert Dierker IHS Multiperiod production economies with incomplete markets and the inefficiency of price taking behavior
23.05. Gabor Uhrin IHS Nonlinear Pricing and Competition in Telecommunications
30.05. Rainer Widman IHS Club Voting
06.06. Jun Honda VGSE A Simple Formula for Stochastically Stable States in Logit-Response Dynamics
13.06. Yossef Spiegel
Julian Kolm
Tel Aviv Universit
Backward integration, forward integration, and vertical foreclosure
Topic to be announced
27.06. Michael Greinecker VGSE Commitment in Dynamic Games
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Winter Semester 2011/12

Date Presenter Organization  Title
05.10. Karl Schlag University of Vienna  Intentions, Truth and Nash Equilibria
12.10. Jean-Paul Rabanal University of California, Santa Cruz  Looking underwater in the lab
19.10. Maarten Janssen University of Vienna / VGSE  Mergers and Consumer Search
02.11. András Danis  VGSF  Do Empty Creditors Matter? Evidence from Distressed Exchange Offers
09.11. Sandro Shelegia University of Vienna  Signaling quality with new products
16.11. Eda Orhun VGSF  Voluntary Disclosure with a Potential Competitor
23.11. Natalia Shestakova University of Vienna  Simplicity Premium
30.11. Mariya Teteryatnikova University of Vienna  Horizontal Product Differentiation: Disclosure and Competition
07.12. Jun Honda VGSE  Equilibrium selection for symmetric coordination games, with an
 application to the minimum-effort game
14.12. Julian Kolm VGSE  Capital Regulation and Securitization
11.01. Martin Starnberger University of Vienna, TAA  Auctions with heterogeneous items and budgets
18.01. Boyu Zhang University of Vienna,
Department of Mathematics
 Equilibrium selection via quantal response equilibria
25.01. Martin Obradovits VGSE  Price restraints with asymmetric downstream production
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Summer Semester 2011 and earlier

Date Presenter Organization Title
16.06. Leopold Sögner IHS Bayesian Learning, Shutdown and Convergence
09.06. Can Ürgün Sabancı Universitesi, Istanbul Stochastic Discounting in Repeated Games:
Awaiting the Almost Inevitable
26.05. Martin Obradovits VGSE Asymmetric Pricing Caused by Collusion
19.05. Monika Henzinger University of Vienna Sponsored search auctions or how web search engines make money
12.05. Klaus Ritzberger IHS The Theory of Extensive Form Games
05.05 Ronald Harstad University of Missouri - Columbia Political economy field experiments become possible
07.04. Alexei Parakhonyak HSE Moskow Consumer search with costly second visits
31.03. Hamed Ghoddusi VGSF A structural model of commodity investment and price dynamics
24.03. Julian Kolm VGSE Learning across games: An application to the hold-up problem
10.03. Klaus Gugler WU Market optimism and merger waves
03.03. Wieland Müller University of Vienna Naked exclusion in the lab: The case of sequential contracting
17.02. Ulrich Berger WU Learning to trust
09.11. Michael Greinecker VGSE
14.12. Sandro Shelegia University of Vienna
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